Controversy on the buses!

  Posted: 31.07.20 at 17:47 by The Editor

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AN element of controversy crept into the final few hours of voting for the final of the World Cup of British Bus Companies with allegations of vote fixing bringing a somewhat sour end to what has been a fun competition for fans of British bus companies.

Thurrock-based Ensign Bus – one of the smallest in the competition, have consistently upstaged larger companies to reach the final.

Fans of buses have been voting for their favourites after companies were pitched into a group stage and then head to head quarter-final, semi-final and today’s final.

Ensign were up against Nottingham City Transport in the final, which started last night and from the offer were always a couple of percentages behind.

However, as the clock ticked down the organisers of the competition announced they had become aware of Nottingham obtaining votes through direct canvassing – something which is frowned upon.

They stopped short of saying it was cheating but announced that the vote would be suspended and a new, shorter poll conducted with results from the two averaged out.

With around 30 minutes to go it looks as Ensign will still be edged out through barring a last minute rush of votes.

You can vote here…/status/1289199798466179072

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