Praise to the NHS and the spirit of Thurrock's community - Keep those hands clapping

  Posted: 01.04.20 at 22:15 by Tony Coughlin - Thurrock Park, RM17 6UR

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THURROCK Nub News invites comment on local and national issues. This evening local community and political activist Tony Coughlin has spoken of how proud he is of how the nation - and Thurrock in particular - is tackling the current coronavirus crisis


WE have read much in the last couple of weeks with regards to the sterling job the NHS and all other front line services such as carers, 'blue light' services, and volunteers are doing and rightly so.

This is clearly a time we can be proud of and the work they do and in an “unprecedented“ time .

This word is now so used it’s become common to use in almost every sentence we utter, but is an indication of the challenges we now face.

However, I am truly heartened by the clear public support being given to all of these services I’ve mentioned, and the massive amount of people who have now joined up for many other voluntary services. The limit of generosity now being shown is truly amazing, and is only matched by the enthusiasm and determination of people showing they will overcome this virus that now plagues the world.

Apart from the tangible evidence of great sacrifices and achievements being made and shown hourly on our TV screens and social media, I think it’s fair to say the most emotional and moving show of support by the public to date is the weekly Thursday evening clapping of hands , banging saucepans and using car hooters which is now sweeping Thurrock and is lifting spirits to a much needed high .

This is being done by people of all ages, all social backgrounds and no matter what our race, gender of ethnicity. This to me shows community spirit is very much alive and well and restores many people’s faith in human nature .

I for one would also like to praise the fantastic work this Thurrock Council is also doing in keeping the front line services operating, from ensuring the vulnerable and elderly are being looked after, the parks remaining open and safe for our well-being and keeping us in touch with Mother Nature. The bins are still be collected , the grass is still being cut and streets being cleaned.

These are all essential services we need to keep going and it is essential all of this is continued as part of our daily norm. Yes we may have other challenges in our daily lives, but equally importantly life must go on. The last thing we need are dirty roads and paths and litter everywhere as this in itself can bring health hazards. So I congratulate the council, its front line unsung hero workers and its volunteers for rising to the challenge.

"Clean it, cut it, fill it" is still as important today as it was before.

So as this Thursday evening approaches, I hope we are all out again clapping our hands, banging our saucepans, hooting our cars and we spare a thought for all our public and blue light services, NHS and local council keeping us safe and clean in the Borough.

So lets show Thurrock is a community to be proud off, let strangers become friends and above all ...stay safe and stay healthy.

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