Rogue riders clash with parents after child is hit in Grays close to school

  Posted: 08.12.20 at 18:03 by The Editor

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ANGRY parents clashed with two moped riders on a pathway in Grays this afternoon after a child was hit by the joyriders.

Parts of the aftermath of the incident which happened on the pathway between Chadwell St Mary and Blackshots close to Woodside School was captured on video, showing peacemakers trying to step between the riders and parents.

Police and ambulance crews attended the incident which happened just before 3pm today (Tuesday, 8 December). It is understood the child, a girl, was treated by the ambulance crew but is OK and did not require hospital treatment.

Residents have feared for some time that this was an incident waiting to happen. Earlier this year, in a bid to stop the anti-social behaviour of bike riders Thurrock Council installed barriers on a footbridge linking the two communities, but they removed it after it meant it was impossible for mums with prams or wheelchair users to get through.

Residents in the area have called for an urgent meeting with the council and local policing team in a bid to bring a halt to the anti-social behaviour and joyriding.

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