Demolition site fire in Stanford-le-Hope puts firm in the dock

  Posted: 14.09.20 at 23:47 by The Editor

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THURROCK Nub News has this evening (Monday, 14 September) captured video evidence of a managed fire on a borough industrial site that its senior management assured residents wouldn’t happen.

Over recent months residents in Stanford-le-Hope have been expressing concern about the blight of smoke and smell emanating from the Stanhope Industrial Park close to Stanford-le-Hope when fires were lit during the late evening and overnight.

The finger of blame was pointed at demolition contractors Squibb, who are no strangers to controversy and conflict with residents because of years of alleged traffic regulation breaches as their lorries go to and from the site via Wharf Road.

But the company denied it was to blame for the fires and nuisance and in May they told Thurrock Nub News they do not burn anything at the site.

We had highlighted social media complaints from many residents but Squibb site operations manager Robert Honour told Thurrock Nub News: “We were not aware of a significant number of complaints (nor any complaints) as we do not operate a burning operation, and this would probably explain why.

“To further clarify, we have many official announced and unannounced visits from Thurrock Council and the Environment Agency every year, as we hold various permits for different aspects of our site operations.

“We have always been granted and retain these permits, as we operate in full compliance with the strict legislation and guidance which the permissioning bodies monitor and audit regularly.”

It seemed a fairly unequivocal statement which we took at face value, but residents have told us that from time to time since the fires have continued. And we were alerted this evening to a particularly large blaze so we visited the site – and at 10pm Nub News editor Neil Speight posted the attached video which clearly shows a fire on the Squib site, being managed by workers with the use of a large excavating machine.

We have contacted Squib and asked for an explanation.

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