Police set to be used to back up enforcement action on illegal site after 'hostilities' from workers there

  Posted: 11.01.21 at 14:04 by The Editor

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THURROCK Council says it will be calling on police support to stop an illegal development on land between Chadwell St Mary and Tilbury.

Over the past four days Thurrock Nub News has reported on the excavation of the site off Biggin Lane and reflected concerns of local residents and councillors.

The council has not responded to our request for an updated situation report today, sources within the council tell us action is now planned.

It transpires that ‘aggression’ by workers on the site has scared off council staff – but they now plan to return to Biggin Lane with the backing of police.

Local councillors who have asked for information have been told: “The site was visited by Officers around 10:00 on Friday morning and upon confirming a breach of planning control, Temporary Stop Notices (TSNs) were prepared.

“The TSNs were due to be served on Friday night by process servers appointed by the Council but they encountered aggression and hostilities on site and were forced to abort. They returned on Saturday and the TSN’s were finally served around 2pm.

“Despite the service of the TSN, the team have been advised that further work has been continuing. The team will be visiting the site as soon as a police escort is available to check the situation on site and if needed, caution the occupiers.

“Please be assured that resource from both the council and Essex Police is being directed to this case and further enforcement action will be taken as necessary. We will keep you updated once the site visit has taken place and informed of any further action taken.”

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