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Peter Perrin.

Occasional Nub News columnist and regular local commentator on Thurrock Council affairs, Peter Perrin, has been angered this week by the switch from Labour to Tory of a borough councillor and he delivers his scathing personal opinion on the merits of some of those elected to local office.

____________________ WHILE the defections of ex-members of UKIP/Thurrock Independents, Graham Snell, Luke Spillman, Jack Duffin and Allen Mayes, to the Conservative Party were disgraceful acts of betrayal by egotistic, self-promoting, money-grabbing scallywags, the defection of Cllr Qaisar Abbas caps them all for deception, sheer hypocrisy and betrayal of the Labour Group, members of the Thurrock Labour Party and others who voted for him as a Labour councillor. It even surpasses the defection of another Labour-elected self server, Cllr Abbie Akinbohun. Cllr Abbas said: "I am left with no choice except to resign from the Labour Party. Thurrock Labour is riddled with bullying, discrimination, islamophobia and nepotism. "I will continue to fight for and protect the best interests of residents of Purfleet-on-Thames, West Thurrock and South Stifford and wider communities I have worked with over the years as a Labour councillor." Cllr Abbas decides to quit the Labour Party and join the Tories immediately after failing to be re-selected to stand as a Labour councillor in the May 2022 Local Government elections. I can only deduce that had Cllr Abbas been selected by the Labour Party to contest his seat we would have heard nothing of his allegations. Cllr Abbas, prove your allegations and name those members of the Thurrock Labour Party you say are guilty of bullying, discrimination, islamophobia and nepotism. If you decline, do not be surprised if it is concluded that you are using your Islamic ethnicity as a shield from criticism by accusing your critics of Islamophobia. Shame on you. In my opinion, your decision to defect to the Conservatives was motivated by nothing other than pique at not being selected to stand for re-election as a Labour councillor. Your decision says more about the failings of your character than it does about your perceived failings of the Thurrock Labour Party. Cllr Abbas, your scurrilous and unfounded accusations are unworthy of the gentleman I thought you were. Finally, Cllr Abbas I am inclined to the view that your claim that you "will continue to fight for and protect the best interests of residents of Purfleet-on-Thames, West Thurrock and South Stifford and wider communities" sounds somewhat hollow and would be a truer reflection of your motive to defect if it were amended to say: "I will continue to fight for and protect MY best interests. Full stop."
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Not all politicians are dodgy dealers says Mr Perrin.

Thurrock resident Peter Perrin, a regular commentator on public affairs in the borough, writes an occasional blog for Thurrock Nub News and her he reflects on the integrity of politicians.

THE integrity of those we elect to serve as members of parliament and local government councillors has many times been found wanting, lacking credibility.

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JAckie Doylke-Price took a significant role in lobbying support for the Conservative opposition to the imposition of Covid Plan B before Christmas. Picture right, she was a teller when the vote was delivered.

Thurrock resident Peter Perrin, a regular commentator on public affairs in the borough, writes an occasional blog for Thurrock Nub News and at the turn of the year has been reflecting on the work of the borough's MP, Jackie Doyle-Price.

______________ IN a previous blog titled "As You Sow, So Shall You Reap", dated 17 September 2021, I criticised some members of parliament and councillors regarding their integrity. It was with great interest that I listened to a Radio 4 programme on Wednesday, 22 December 2021, titled "The Moral Maze", the subject being the integrity of our politicians and begged the question "Do we get the politicians we deserve"? In my 17 Sep blog I asked how do these "dodgy" politicians get re-elected time after time? They are not harmless loveable rogues of the Arthur Daly ilk. Beneath the cloak of respectability lurks a "crook" ever ready to exploit their position to their advantage. They would like us to believe they conscientiously "serve" but the reality is they ruthlessly "exploit" the public. This exploitation often comes at a great cost to the wellbeing of the poor, the sick and disabled, the mentally ill and other disadvantaged people. I suggested that maybe we, the voters, at best tolerate at worst countenance their immorality and dodgy dealings and by continuously voting for them we do get the politicians we deserve. Not all politicians are dodgy. Many are hardworking, honest and decent. Unfortunately they undeservedly get tarnished with the same brush. It is with this in mind I come to Ms Jackie Doyle-Price MP for Thurrock. She and I are worlds apart politically but I will unreservedly give credit where I believe credit is due. Ms Doyle-Price has been the MP for Thurrock for 11 years, narrowly defeating "local lad" Carl Morris in 2010. In those 11 years there has not been a "whiff" of scandal or impropriety on her part. I commend her for her honesty and integrity. I wish her a happy, prosperous and safe New Year 2022,
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