The tough times will pass

By Neil Speight

8th Jun 2022 | Readers Letters

EVERYBODY wants more money, now inflation is going up, however how many people (or organisations)- including the railways + Unions), appreciate the money given to them by this government during Covid to keep them afloat and / in employment.

 When the country virtually shut down, a lot of businesses suffered, especially those who relied on regular trade from people who went about the business (Travelling- stop for lunch /or coffee /Tea, Pubs who could not sell their drinks and had to throw it away (with the loss of income to all associated industries), transport buses and trains (Staff who were not on Furlough had it very easy, those on Furlough quite often took the money and the took another job in their 'Spare time'

 Everywhere you look now you will vacancies- but a lot of those who had money given to them for doing nothing do NOT want to work now- Why work for a few extra pounds, when all I have to do is put my hand out for more.

 It will take time for the country to recover from its loss of earnings in the last few years- we must all be patient until the good times roll again- which will probably be 2-3 years away.

There is more support out there now than there ever was, but we all need to tighten our belts for a while, and cut down on non-essentials , like the mobile phone- do you actually need hat smart phone with it high rental or will a cheaper 'Basic' phone do the job?, Holidays, and even (where possible ) the car.

The most important priority is a roof over your head, food on the plate, clothes on your back - everything else can wait for a while.

 I am 73 and I have seen some rough times, buying a house with a mortgage starting at eight % and rising to 16%. This meant no car- no Holidays (a day at Southend was a treat) used furniture and jumble sale clothes, and very little support from any organisation, but we survived.

It will not be forever, it may feel like it- but it will pass.

Terry Brown

Fleming Gardens, Tilbury.


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