'We're not the guilty party' says Squibb boss who blames fire, thefts and violence on 'undesirables' who are causing problems at industrial park site

  Posted: 15.09.20 at 15:33 by The Editor

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THE operations manager of a Stanford-le-Hope-based demolition company has responded to a Thurrock Nub News story about a late night controlled fire at the firm’s premises by saying it was caused by ‘undesirables’ getting onto the site.

Last night (Monday, 14 September) we reported on what appeared to be a controlled blaze, managed by staff from the company that was burning fiercely at 10pm and giving off pungent odours of burning materials and clouds of smoke.

It was the latest incident in a long-running dispute between the company and residents over the impact of the site on the local environment.

However, the company’s Robert Honour says it’s yet another incident where Squibb is the victim, not the guilty party.

He told Nub News today: “Thank you for sharing this on your web site and we hope you can ask your readers for any other footage they may have. Since the scrap yard open next door to us we have attracted some undesirable to our location.

“Last night we had yet another break-in to our Squibb site. Over the last few months we have had several break-ins with items of value being stolen and damage caused.

“Recently we had a problems with guys which we have on CCTV and have also been reported to Essex police getting into our yard stealing scrap metal.

“There was altercation between our security and the guys that broke in over the weekend with rocks from the railway lines thrown at our guards.

“Then last night we had yet another break in with one of our cabins being set alight.

“The security guards needed to move the digger to save the machine and move the cabin into a controlled area however the cabin has completely burnt to a cinder.

“We have reported all incidents with Essex police.

“We also know that other sites have been burning which everyone seems to point the finger in our direction.

“It seems that there are constant accusations and we feel we are being made scapegoats for the Wharf Road industrial site.

“We also refute any traffic offences as we run a strict tracker system which is available for Thurrock Council to check.

“We work with Thurrock council and local residents to ensure our vehicles a dear to the conditions set in place.”

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