Review: Inspector's return is an enjoyable one

  Posted: 11.12.19 at 00:20 by Paula Young

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IT might have been second time around for me, but this week’s play at the Palace Theatre, Southend, was nevertheless a very engaging experience.

Agatha Christie’s thriller returned to the Palace this week and I couldn’t resist a second visit to the play performed by the Middle Ground Theatre Company and a very recognisable cast.

An advertisement is posted in the local newspaper of Chipping Cleghorn where Letitia Blacklock played by Kazia Pelka (Heartbeat/FamilyAffairs) is due to host an evening at Little Paddocks, her country home, where the murder will take place. Intrigued, the local residents gather.

At 6.30 the lights go out, shots are heard and screams ring out. The lights go on and Miss Marple , played by a brilliant Sarah Thomas (Last Of The Summer Wine) then has to decipher the clues from the red herrings, much to the annoyance of the real detective at the scene, Inspector Craddock and a serious of secrets and lies are revealed and in turn the murderer is named.

This period mystery is adapted from the 1950s novel and has the feel of the era with the setting of the scene in the large lounge of the manor house and costumes of the day, with some comedic moments to add to the tension.

Even on a second viewing, it makes the two hours pass enjoyably.

To learn more about the play or to book, click on the additional info button below.

The production runs until Saturday, 14 December.

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