Reader contacts Thurrock Nub News to tell of hell living in borough council house

  Posted: 28.02.20 at 22:34 by Withheld

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THURROCK Nub News offers our readers the opportunity to tell their story via our Nub It1 button. You can contribute items of news, letters, details of events - or just opinion.

Via the button we have recieved this story from a reader - who is identified to us but who asks for anonymity. We have not refered this to Thurrock Council because there is no point. They don't answer , they don't respond and more often than not they don't even contact the people who are struggling. Sometimes we get the courtesy of a standard response: 'We will not discuss individual cases'.

We have recently featured stories about a family living a nightmare life in a high rise flat and a woman whose home upgrade has gone disastrously wrong and her dog was injured. Thurrock Council's response? we don't know - they haven't answered. And they haven't contact the people concerned. They turn a blind eye and continue to pump out rhetoric about how marvellous the council is and what a great job they are doing for borough residents. Fair enough, in many fields they are. But in many others, particularly in the standard of many council-owned homes, they are failing.

So here, in a read's own words is their story:

To whom it may concern

I am writing this story as a council tenant and have been for many years. I am a 49 year old man who has many issues with my health such has asthma, Emthysema, depression,anxiety and I have really bad anger issues.

My current state of my living conditions is living out of boxes which is making my health conditions worse and worse. I even have had an ambulance out to me cause I had trouble breathing and they had to give me oxygen which helped with my breathing.

Recently I have informed the council that I have mould on my window steal in my living all the way into my kitchen and they don’t seem to care about it and it’s getting worse by each day plus it’s making my health worser as well.

The council seem to care about other tenants more than tenant that have issues and problems and think it’s acceptable to live the way I am living. I can’t even manage to get up two flight of stairs without getting out of breathe so I sure as hell can not make nine flights of stairs if a lift broke down for a length of time.

Thank you for listening

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