Villagers call on council to monitor mud and enforce on lawbreaking

  Posted: 22.02.21 at 12:25 by The Editor

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RESIDENTS in East Tilbury village have asked Thurrock council to step up its monitoring and enforcement of safety measures because of their concerns over safety when accessing or leaving the village by foot and road.

The problem, they say, is mud and debris from lorries going to and from Walsh’s East Tilbury landfill site which is not being prevented in the first instance and not cleaned up in the second.

The site has been in existence for many years and is nearing the end of its life and is being prepared for return to landscaping and a rural environment, which means a lot of earth and other land topping material is being brought onto the site and in bad weather it has become a morass of mud.

The problem, say residents, is largely caused by vehicles leaving the site, rather than entering it – though there are also complaints that in both directions drivers are going too fast and dangerously.

Residents acknowledge that an attempt to clean up is made by a sweeper but they say in some instances it exacerbates the problem, rather than solves it by sweeping material from the side of the road where there is no kerb into the middle of the road.

They report incidents of cars being struck by debris and pedestrians have also been showered as they walk along the path to and from the main residential area of East Tilbury, particularly parents and children going to and from the village school.

Dam,age to this car was caused by debris flying off a tipper truck.

One driver, Mark Turner, recently reported on the damage to his car by debris coming off a truck. The vehicle's bodywork and windows were dented and scratched by flying stones, prompting him to say: "I would also like to thank the council for not policing the lorries. Lorries coming out of Clearserve Holford Road and Recycled in Orsett A1013 do not have lorries coming out of their sites covered in s***. We in Linford and East Tilbury are treated like peasants."

And last week cyclist Steve Mcinerney reported how he was injured and required ambulance treatment after his cycle slipped in the mud. He said: "I was cycling up towards the George and Dragon pub and went to make a right turn at the roundabout and slipped on the muddy road surface.

“My front wheel went and had no control, I’m ok now, was checked out be ambulance staff road side, after hitting my head on the floor,

“If you were one of the kind people that helped me out of the road comfort me with blankets, and waited until the ambulance arrived, I really would like to say thank you, there are still some really lovely people about.”

Paul Simpkins is landlord of the Ship pub in the village and he says enough is enough. “This has gone on for years but now as we move towards the end of the tip’s life, it appears to have got worse not better. Walk through the village, look at the cars! They are now constantly covered in mud, there’s no point in washing them,, just clear the number plates.

Cyclist Steve Mcinerney was injured, banging his head on the ground after coming off his bike because of the mud and slippy road.

“This is just very dangerous, the vehicles are coming off the site covered in mud, their wheels are caked in it and it is just going all over the road.”

Another village resident Lisa Ridley echoed those concerns, saying: "The mud is coming off the lorries, they are not using the wheel wash properly and the council are doing nothing about it.
We would ask the East Tilbury and Linford community to gather your photographs and experiences and email [email protected]

"Ask for a representative to visit Princess Margaret road any time Monday to Friday between 8am and 3pm

"If enough of us send an email and attach videos/photos/dangerous drivers the council surely will have to act.

"This is a call to everyone who lives here to get contractors (like Walsh but not solely down to them) and get them fined - it doesn’t happen in London, it doesn’t happen on the A13 widening project, why should we live with it?"

Tipper lorries on Buckingham Hill Road approaching East Tilbury in wet weather

Walsh's have been asked to comment.

*Apologies for the poor sound quality in parts of the video. Requirements of social distancing and a farmer who decided he wanted to disrupt proceedings by parking his truck right next to the pavement where the group was standing, meant the quality was not as good as it should be and some points made by villagers were lost - but the gist of their complaints comes through!

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