Haunting performance at the Palace

  Posted: 14.01.20 at 00:14 by Paula Young

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The Woman in Black

WHAT a performance! This week’s show at Southend’s Palace Theatre has been thrilling audiences for 30 years and you can certainly see why.

It is an adaption of Susan Hill’s Woman in Black and with a simple stage everything is left to the imagination. The opening few minutes took time to fathom out but you soon realise that it is a play within a play and starts out with old Arthur Kipps enlisting an actor to tell his terrible story and unburden himself.

The dialogue is incredible with just two cast members. Robert Goodale plays among other characters Old Arthur and Daniel Easton is the actor and young Kipps.

As a young solicitor Kipps is sent to Alice Drablow’s mansion to attend her funeral and sort the dead woman’s affairs. He soon becomes aware that the desolate home and solitary woman have the town’s people afraid. The retelling of the story and your own thoughts are what makes the tale creepy and keeps you on tenterhooks.

Without much scenery, just a few props, sound effects and effective lighting and the appearance of a ghostly woman, this show has the audience captivated and jumping throughout.

Woman in Black runs until Saturday. To find out more or book click the red button below.

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