Never stop to smile at a crocodile - a view on the 'charlatans' who get Mr Perrin's goat!

  Posted: 10.02.21 at 11:00 by Mr. Perrin

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LOCAL observer of all things Thurrock and political commentator Peter Perrin offers up his personal views of the now expected local government elections in Thurrock.

I am pleased that local government elections have been authorised to take place in May 2021. This is a welcome and essential return of the democratic right to people to vote for their chosen councillors.

In so far as Thurrock Borough Council is concerned, there is another reason why I am particularly pleased.

The people of Thurrock will have the opportunity to rid themselves of some undesirable councillors who are currently posing as Conservative councillors, despite never having been elected as such. They are Cllr Spillman, Cllr Duffin, Cllr Lawrence and Cllr Mayes, all of them elected as UKIP/Thurrock Independents.

Along with former UKIP/Thurrock Independents Messrs Snell and Jones, these imposters defected to the Tories without the slightest regard for members of UKIP/Thurrrock Independents who had trusted them.. Their action was tantamount to giving those who voted for them a reverse Winston Churchill salute.

As councillors, these inglorious six wilfully deceived those who voted for them. They lack integrity and are devoid of loyalty.

Should any of them have the effrontery to seek election in May, I hope the voters will recall their past records and unceremoniously dump them.

Charlatans each and every one of them.

Never stop to smile at a crocodile
Do not be taken in by its toothy grin
Do not listen to its attempt at spin
Dump it in your wheely-bin.

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