Resident angered by lack of help as he tries to recycle

  Posted: 25.02.20 at 14:17 by The Editor

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A BOROUGH resident has spoken of his anger and recalled how he ends up being embarrassed as he tries to recycle rather than just dump rubbish for landfill.

Keith Wiseman of Celandine Close, South Ockendon, has written to councillors following publication of the council’s Talking Rubbish survey (click on red button below) which he says highlights nonsensical practices in the borough which stop residents recycling.

And he tells of his embarrassment as he tries to do his best to help.

He says: “I note that consultation waste strategy puts its first aim for recycling as ‘Increasing the rate of recycling – Only 37% of the household waste that we collect from residents each year is presented as recycling. This is well below the national target of 50% by 2020. The target is set to rise to 65% by 2035’.

“The reason the recycling rate is so low is that you refuse to allow some residents like myself to recycle as you do not provide me with recycling bins.

“I have written to Thurrock Council several times over ten years to ask why the block at 89-99 Celandine Close, South Ockendon, has no recycling and no-one from Thurrock Council has ever bothered to reply or come to talk to me about it.

The weekly recycling which Mr Wiseman packs and takes to the recycling bins at Sainsbury's by bus.

“The attitude I have received from Thurrock Council is that Thurrock Council doesn’t care about my views or about recycling.

“In my own time and at my own inconvenience, I take my recycling down to the recycling bins at Sainsbury’s in Chafford Hundred. This is done by taking the 370 bus and so is done in view of the other passengers which is very embarrassing.

“The bin area at my home is treated as a fly tipping zone. The bins were moved to this location (from the previous refuse bin area at the back of 89-99 Celandine Close where they been for over twenty years) due to dog fouling by dogs belonging to other residents in the surrounding blocks. The dog fouling is still ongoing as Thurrock Council has not bothered to do anything about it.

“I have emailed my local councillors David Potter and Sue Shinnick several times over the last few years but neither has been bothered to answer or acknowledge me!

“If you want me to recycle, which I want to, then the answer is simple. Provide me with recycling bins.”

The weekly recycling which Mr Wiseman packs and takes to the recycling bins at Sainsbury's by bus.

Cllr Gary Byrne sits on the council working group that commissioned the survey. He has thanked Mr Wiseman for his comments and says his issues will be investigated – and that blocks of homes are an area the council is looking at.

Cllr Byrne says: “We take all comments on board the whole reason for having an all-party working group, we are not there to just cherry pick the favourable comments.

“Blocks will play an essential role in helping Thurrock achieve the demanding targets we have set ourselves, the working group is new and fully committed to working with officers and directors to lower our carbon footprint the questionnaire is about working with residents and asking them how we can improve.

“Trust us, we care about your views and we care deeply about our environment.”

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