“The community spirit and cohesion would be broken by this scheme". Orsett councillor hands in petition calling for development discussion in village to be scrapped

  Posted: 26.02.20 at 19:57 by The Editor

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A LEADING Thurrock councillor has handed in a petition calling on the borough council to scrap consideration of a controversial housing development in Orsett.

Cllr Sue Little, who has already publically stated her opposition to the scheme which suggests that houses on Ridgewell Avenue be demolished and replaced with new homes. 21 of the houses are council homes, with 14 owned privately.

Cllr Little said: “These are the words of my residents, they have a petition of 176 names.

“They would request council and the portfolio holder to remove Ridgewell Avenue from the proposals.

“This site should not have been brought forward, it means compulsory purchase of people’s much love homes and community. In our opinion if it went to planning it would be refused.

“We already have the proposed Thames crossing and the closure of Orsett Hospital to contend with.

“The community spirit and cohesion would be broken by this scheme, which in one fell swoop has devalued privately owned homes.

“We ask that this development be withdrawn from the consultation.”

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