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Cruising back through history. A remarkable restoration at the Tilbury Cruise Terminal thanks to Port and Trust

Posted: 12.10.20 by Susan Yates Opinion

Susan Yates, chair of Thurrock Historical Society continues her occasional series of articles about the borough's history and in this piece tur...

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Incompetent or not telling the truth? The travesty at the top of Thurrock Council - but we call on our readers to reflect those in the authority who are doing a great job!

Posted: 23.09.20 by The Editor Opinion

COMMENT – by Thurrock Nub News Editor Neil Speight TOTAL incompetence or a willful attempt to deceive the public! Those are the sta...

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Oakfield News: With the opening of Orsett Heath Academy Thurrock Rugby Club's Ralph Henderson explores the umbilical link between sport and education.

Posted: 16.09.20 by Ralph Henderson Opinion

Dreamers Of The Day "All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to...

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Covid-19 measures in the Palmer's Avenue area - 'Total rubbish'

Posted: 27.07.20 by Robert Oliver, Grays.  Opinion

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Is nationalisation a cure for our ailing care industry?

Posted: 10.07.20 by Mico Bienvenu Opinion

Mico Bienvenu, the Director of Thurrock-based Christian Care Homes is an occasional contributor to T...

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The folklore of Purfleet has a rich history of links with the Thames and more than one royal connection

Posted: 09.07.20 by Susan Yates Opinion

FOLLOWING last week's ceremony to official rename Purfleet as 'on-Thames' Thurock Nub News history writer Susan yates reflects on the t...

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Oakfield News: 'Stand and stare' - an old school view as the game moves into a new era

Posted: 29.06.20 by Ralph Henderson Opinion

"A SET of good schools civilises a whole community" reported a Royal Commission in 1858. The next time you travel through Thurrock on the ...

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Don't to be too quick to judge councillors' defection negatively says former councillor in the wake of onslaught of criticism

Posted: 13.05.20 by The Editor Opinion

FORMER Thurrock councillor Charlie Key, still a keen observer of all things Thurrock, has been reflecting on the local response to news that two in...

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Optimism amid the gloom as Ralph looks forward to great times for Thurrock

Posted: 11.05.20 by The Editor Opinion

THE impact of the coronavirus pandemic has brought all competitive sport to a halt. The local football, hockey and rugby seasons were abandoned an...

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Views from the river...Susan leaves lockdown behind

Posted: 08.05.20 by Susan Yates Opinion

SUSAN Yates - Thurrock Nub News' very own historical expert - writes another of her occasional columns delving into the borough's pa...

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